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Reinvent M&A. The single most powerful thing you can do to transform your organisation.


Sustainable growth through mergers & acquisitions is achievable.


There was no conscious decision point 20 years ago where we said we would be specialists in delivering mergers and acquisitions. The variety of deals we’ve worked on has meant it’s taken us two decades to reach the point where we rarely come across something we haven’t seen before.  Each integration has been intellectually challenging and has needed personal commitment to make it work.

The best part is when we leave a client: as a single team aligned by common goals, refocused on their customers and the next stage of growth for their business. 

Our fresh thinking is born from challenging everything about how mergers and acquisitions are delivered. The commonly accepted way of doing things is wrong. Working with us will feel different to anyone else you have worked with before.


Each deal and industry sector has it’s own unique challenges. We’d like to understand who you are and what you’d like to achieve. Talk to us about these ‘Pieces of Eight’…



What does success look like? Where do you want to get to in 3 to 5 years?



How quickly is the market evolving and what are the drivers for change? Who is innovating and disrupting…are you reacting or leading?



How does M&A fit into your strategy? Is your instinct full integration or keeping the target at arms-length, why?



Who are the targets you’re currently looking at? How well do they fit into your growth strategy?



What is the full potential you could achieve with the deal? Is it primarily cost control or revenue growth? Is it tried and tested, or building something new?


How will your organisation react to the deal? Is your organisation people or process driven? How much autonomy is there and how do you make decisions? 



Who in your team do you trust to develop and deliver the plan? Why?



How many deals have you been through recently? What has succeeded and failed in previous transformation programmes?


Gorillas are important to us.  They are our fellow primates on our planet, and we believe it’s important how we treat our fellow beings on the Earth.  Three-quarters of primate species are in decline, and about 60 percent are currently threatened with extinction.  

We chose the gorilla to represent our brand as it helps us remember that we are emotional and irrational beings that have found themselves in a dominant position on the planet thanks to our ability to tell stories, develop myths and share common beliefs… all allowing us to collaborate with a much larger band of people.

The word ‘Humanity has synonyms such as  compassion, brotherly love and philanthropy.  We donate 1% of our annual revenues to the Dian Fossey fund.  Please do anything you can to help.  


We’ve delivered these deals, from being the single point of responsibility to making the coffee...



Our footprint is truly global, we don’t have a limited number of offices and travel according to the needs of our clients.  In the last three years we’ve delivered projects for clients in London, Paris, New York, Cologne, Singapore and Mumbai.

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